Granny's Schoolhouse staff members are trained in the procedures of our childcare program. Every effort is made to hire only the most qualified people to help your child reach his/her full potential. References are checked for every employee; all state standards and requirements are met or exceeded.


Open Door Policy

Granny's Schoolhouse is an equal opportunity provider. Applications for enrollment are considered without regard to race, religion, color, sex, nation origin, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law. 



The infants' rooms are designed to facilitate interactions between children and staff, as well as between the children themselves. All routines that are kept at home, such as feeding, bottles and sleeping times, are carried through in your child's day at the center in order to promote regularity. The day in infant care is constructed around care giving and care giving routines. There is a safe, clean environment for the care giving activities of diapering, eating, sleeping, and playing. Supplies are stored so care givers can access them easily, yet the items are out of reach of older infants who are mobile. Care givers wash their hands frequently throughout the day and always after diaper changes and before meals and bottle times. Each of these practices leads to a healthy environment for infants. In addition, care givers are trained in pediatric first aid and rescue breathing. 


Toddlers and Twos

Toddlers and Twos are growing and learning new skills daily. Each day children are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities in a variety of areas including fine and gross motor skills, language, reasoning, music, self help, sign language, dramatic play, exploration, year around preschool curriculum and many more.



Children 3-5 years old, which are potty trained, receive year round preschool curriculum including music, Spanish, and sign language and computers. Interest Centers provide a balance of child-directed and teacher directed activities.

*Our definition of potty trained is 3 weeks without an accident.



Before and after-school actives, as well as full-time summer programs, are offered for school-age children. Granny's Schoolhouse recognizes the unique needs of this age group by providing them with a special place in the building and equipment that is age appropriate. During the school year, emphasis is placed on fun and relaxing activities after a long day at school. In addition, homework time is provided. The schedule during summer and school breaks includes: field trips, sports, crafts, camp, and other group activities that are favorite of school-aged children.



We furnish full-day children with a nutritious lunch, as well as two snacks per day. All of our menus meet the daily state nutritional requirements for children. Menus are on a bi-weekly schedule and are posted in the front lobby. Arrangements can be made to bring in food for children with special dietary needs, or a snack for a birthday party or special event. Please check with the director before bringing food. 


Nap Time

After lunch, a nap period is provided for all preschool children. We wash cots and sheets each week. Parents will need to furnish a small blanket and sheet (crib sized) with the child's name clearly marked on it.


Emergency Drills

Emergency drills such as Fire, Tornado, and Lockdown are held monthly to acquaint your child with evacuation and other emergency procedures. This may make quite and impression on your child the first time a drill is held, but your child will soon become accustomed to it and know just what to do in an emergency situation.


Enrollment Forms

For your child's safety, and to comply with state regulations, all enrollment papers must be completed and on file in the office BEFORE your child attends Granny's Schoolhouse. These forms include an enrollment application, parent agreement, medical forms, and notarized custody agreement. 


Enrollment Fee

An enrollment fee of $50 per child will be due upon enrollment or re-enrollment with the first week's tuition. The enrollment fee covers accident insurance and administrative costs of preparing the child's file for the state and school records. The enrollment fee is not refundable.



Tuition is due in advance of service. Tuition is charged in weekly increments. Tuition is always due by the close of business on Friday for the following week of school. Granny's Schoolhouse reserves the right to change tuition and policies when it deems necessary.



Late Tuition

Tuition for following week of attendance that is not paid by the close of business on Fridays will result in a charged of a late fee of $25.00. If fees are unpaid on the Monday A.M. after the due date, your child will not be admitted to Granny's Schoolhouse until full payment, including late fees, is made. Continual late fees may result in enrollment withdrawal. Granny's Schoolhouse reserves the right to change the tuition and policies as deemed necessary.


Late Pick-Up Charge

Parents need to have their children picked up and out of the building by 6:30 p.m. A charge of $10.00, plus $1.00 per minute will be charged for EACH CHILD until the parent and child / children have left the building. Staff have to be paid overtime after 6:30 pm. Legal authorities will be contacted after all emergency contacts listed on the enrollment card have been called for children left at Granny's Schoolhouse at 7:00 p.m. Continual late pick-ups may result in an enrollment withdrawal.


Returned Checks

There will be a charge for all returned checks, in addition to any charges made by the bank. Cash will be required as payment for a returned check. Your account will be put on a cash-only basis after two returned checks. 



Please notify us if your child will be absent on a scheduled day of attendance. We ask this for two reasons:

1. We are concerned about you and your child.

2. In order to maintain the state requirements of child/teacher ratio. 

Full tuition is due and payable in full every week for all children reguardless of the childs attendence. This is due to the very limited number of openings.



Granny's Schoolhouse allows 2 full weeks (Monday-Friday) of vacation per year. Vacation time should be used when the child will not be in attendance a full week. Vacation time must be submitted to the Director, in writing, at least one week prior to the scheduled vacation. Vacation may not be applied after the child's absence. Vacation weeks are available after 1 full calendar year of enrollment.



We will be closed on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Due to fixed costs, average over a calendar year, there is NO reduction in tuition for these holidays. When one of these holidays falls on a Saturday, the holiday will be taken on Friday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, it will be taken of a Monday. Tuition charges for these holidays will be calculated as though the child were present, if it is the child's regularly scheduled day of attendance.


Getting used to a new routine

It's normal for your child to have some fears about being away from you. Children, like adults, need to get used to new situations. Try to prepare your child for changes in routine as far in advance as possible. Discuss any concerns. Talk about some of the new people your child will meet and the activities he/she will participate in at Granny's Schoolhouse. If this is the first time your child has been separated from you, it is natural for him/her to be hesitant. A cheerful goodbye kiss from you, a smile, and a reassuring word that you will be back after work is all that is needed. Our caring staff will take it from there. Usually, the child settles down shortly after the parent leaves. Please do not sneak out when your child is not looking. Feel free to call the director when you arrive at work and see how your child is doing. Depending on their ages, some children will act out their feelings by: 

1. Clinging to you and refusing to let go 

2. Having tantrums 

3. Forgetting their toilet training 

4. Not eating 

5. Waking up at night or having bad dreams 

6. Thumbsucking 

7. Bedwetting 

8. Expressing a desire to stay home 

Usually these problems are temporary. If both you and the staff treat your child lovingly, but firmly, these behaviors will go away.



At Granny's Schoolhouse discipline consists of positive reinforcement, redirection, and "time out". The length of time-out is one minute per year of life. The use of physical punishment is never permitted at Granny's Schoolhouse by staff or parents. 



At Granny's Schoolhouse, your child will have many opportunities to experience a variety of activities. Simple clothing that is washable will allow your child to participate comfortably in all activities from playground fun to messy art projects. Because children need regular outdoor physical activity, please be sure to provide your child with proper clothing (sweater, jacket, hats, mittens, etc.) Shoes should also be appropriate for outdoor play. Each child will also need one complete change of clothing at Granny's Schoolhouse. Please include underwear, pants, shirts, and socks. Please label all clothing. Soiled clothing must be taken home and replaced with a fresh set the next day. 



In order that children not be disappointed with broken of lost toys, we prefer they use the toys we provide. Please leave all toys at home with the exception of a soft toy for nap time, or a toy to share on a special occasion, such as Show and Tell days. Granny's Schoolhouse is not responsible for lost or broken toys.


Lost and Found

Please check in our Lost and Found if an item is missing. We cannot replace lost or broken articles. If your child brings money or something of value to Granny's Schoolhouse, it is important that the teacher and Director be informed. 


and Out

Parents are required to sign-in, notify a staff member when you sign-in upon arrival and upon departure. Every child must be signed-out at the front desk. Therefore, no child will be released directly from the playground. Please do not allow your children to leave the building unaccompanied. Your cooperation will help ensure the safety of your child.


Authorized Persons

It is important that the registering parent notify the Director in writing of persons authorized to pick up the child. Please notify you director of any changes in this information immediately. Granny's Schoolhouse assumes no liability if not properly advised of a change. Anyone picking up your child must show proper identification before the child will be released. In case of divorced parents, it is important that the registering parent indicate on the enrollment application who has legal custody and who may pick-up the child. In the case of sole custody, the parent with the custody is required to provide a copy of the divorce decree. This confidential document will be placed in the child's file.



Your child's health is of major importance to us. If your child becomes ill while at Granny's Schoolhouse, you will be requested to pick up the child immediately. To determine if your child should not be in school, please consider the following guidelines from the Center of Disease Control:

Fever (100ºF underarm: 101ºF oral or 102ºF rectal) AND sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache, irritability or confusion. In babies 4 months or younger, a 101ºF rectal temperature is a fever threshold.

Diarrhea (runny, watery, or bloody stools)

Vomiting (twice or more in 24 hours)

Body rash with fever

Sore throat with fever and swollen glands

Severe coughing (child gets red or blue in the face and makes a high-pitched whooping after cough)

Eye discharge (thick mucus or pus draining from eye, or pink eye)

Yellowish skin or eyes

Child is irritable, continuously crying, or required more attention than you can provide without risking the health and safety of other children in your care.



All medication given to a child at Granny's Schoolhouse must be authorized with a written statement from the physician and/or parent. All medication must be in the original container, indicating the child's name, type and date of prescribed medication, as well as amount and time of dosage. When medication is brought to Granny's Schoolhouse, it is to be given to the Director so that is can be stored properly. A medication form must be completed and signed by the parent and doctor.



Our staff makes every effort to ensure the safety of your child. Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes occur. We realize that you will want to be aware of your child's injuries or illnesses that occur at Granny's Schoolhouse. In order to keep you informed, your director will provide you with a Hugs and Hurts report for each incident that occurs. In case of a serious accidental injury, we will make every attempt to contact you for instructions. If we cannot reach you, we will call the person you have indicated on the enrollment form as the emergency contact to make the decision concerning your child. Please keep these numbers updated on enrollment cards. Your signed emergency medical release will assist us in getting prompt medical attention. A Granny's Schoolhouse employee will stay with your child until your arrival. 


Due to the rising costs of credit card fee transactions we are no longer able to offer credit card transactions.